OMG! What do I do?

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You’re sitting in your office, interviewing a new client, and they’re describing this chronic pain that they’re having in their posterior hip that just keeps getting worse. They’ve tried everything…muscle relaxers, pain meds, ice, heat, acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic. Nothing seems to help. They’re hoping that massage therapy will be their miracle cure. No pressure. As they continue to tell you about their symptoms you can feel your eyes start to gloss over and you force yourself to continue to smile and nod attentively. Meanwhile, deep inside, your entire insides start to freeze over, and not in a “Let it go!” liberating kind of way. We’re talking full blown deer-in-the-headlights-frozen panic attack. Thoughts begin to race through your head…”I have no idea what to do! If they’ve been to all of those professionals, how can I possibly help them? I don’t know as much as all of those guys. They’ll see right through me, and they’ll know that I know that they know that I don’t know. And they won’t like me and they won’t come back. And they’ll tell all their friends that I was horrible and I’ll be RUINED! Waaaahaahaaa!” No? You don’t think that? Ok. Scratch that. Apparently I’m the only one that has paranoid delusions of failure. Ahem. So. Moving on. You can skip the entire rest of this email. But, if you are like me and you’ve ever felt like this at any time in your practice, don’t worry. There’s hope for you. You’re not alone. We all have those moments in our practice when we don’t...

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